Workshops for Pupils & Students

General Anti-Racism

The objective of the workshop is to educate and empower people through the use of a range of powerful and engaging activities that explores stereotyping and other critical factors. The aim being to help people think critically about the impact of racism on people and society.

Exploring Migration

The workshop explores the theme of immigration and the nature of refugees. It aims to build much higher levels of awareness and real empathy. The workshop clarifies some fundamental definitions – immigrant, asylum seeker and refugee. It also explores the underlying economic and social reasons that force people to move and the various processes they may have to go through.


The workshop provides participants with detailed knowledge and awareness on how to recognise and tackle Islamophobia and anti-Muslim discrimination. The session also explores the causes and impact of Islamophobia on individual victims and communities.

Hate Crime

In the last few years and following the 2016 EU referendum the UK has witnessed large spikes in hate crime. The workshop covers the dramatic and shocking impact of hate crimes on peoples’ lives. It also explores the difference between hate crime and issues that arise from the different categories of hate crime. The areas explored and examined include all five hate crime strands: Disability, Race, Religion, Sexual orientation and Gender Identity.

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