Typical Programme Format & Design

Race Awareness

This two hour highly interactive workshop aims to provide individuals and organisations with a deeper understanding of racism and the various forms it manifests itself and its impact on wider society. The goal is to raise awareness and educate people on the corrosive and destructive impact of racism and to motivate individuals to become instruments of change.

The workshop is aimed at those working in the private, public and voluntary sectors and is relevant to staff at all levels – Boards,  Senior Management Teams, Middle Management and Operational Staff at all levels.

Facilitators who have lived experiences from childhood to adulthood share and discuss their real life experiences and examples of racism. The workshop involves the use of a number of powerful visual and video exercises

Discussion topics include:

  • How far have we come in modern day Britain and to what extent racism persists compared to the past.

  • Societal influences that drive racism and how can we move forward to become a more tolerant and inclusive society. 

Detailed content includes:

  • Setting the Context - Global, national and locally, what are the current challenges ?

  • Different Forms of Racism - Can be direct and indirect shared through examples.

  • The Definition of White Privilege - Exploring white privilege and systemic racism.

  • Online Platforms & Communications - The importance of media / social media towards cohesion.

  • The definition of Black Lives Matter - The history of BLM and its key message.

  • Language & Terminology - The definitions, terms and language providing explanations with the history of words associated with racism.

  • Moving Forward - Suggestions and ideas on how society can move forward towards racial equality.

  • Call for Action – what individuals can do to effect change.

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