Our Mission, Values, & Approach

Our Mission is to:

  • Empower Young People to think critically, reject prejudice and become active citizens to create positive societal change.​

  • Empower Adults to promote equality, diversity and inclusion; to educate others and tackle prejudice and discrimination.​

  • Raise Awareness and Understanding of the needs of Ethnically Diverse Communities in order to change attitudes and increase representation in all areas of life.​

  • Advise and Support all policy-makers and leaders to be inclusive of under-represented groups.

Our Values are:

  • Act with Integrity
    We’re professional, honest and straight dealing. We act at all times with respect. We listen to your needs to deliver the right solution for your organisation. We work to the best of our ability in the firm belief that your satisfaction is key to our success.

  • Learning
    We constantly seek to improve our knowledge and understanding in all our core and chosen fields. We keep alert to best practice by extensive networking and look to continually update and improve our services and consultancy offers.

  • Collaborative Working
    We seek to genuinely “work with” and “co-design” with all our clients. This way we can generate the right solution for your team or organisation. We are also very comfortable in working with other groups or third parties to deliver the optimum solution. 

Our Approach is:

We aim to strike a perfect balance between education, learning and enjoyment. We want our clients to feel challenged but to also enjoy the learning process as much as we enjoy delivering it.

Our style is authentic. We seek to be open, honest and engaging.

Only by “Making the Uncomfortable Feel Comfortable” can we develop, grow and create a more inclusive and better society for all.

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