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In the modern workplace, racism is often widespread but works in subtle ways and so is often ignored.

Our race awareness training help support employers eliminate discrimination practices and behaviours and helps build an inclusive and more productive culture.

In creating safe spaces, our facilitators engage in powerful and honest discussions sharing their knowledge and life experiences and offering practical ideas and approaches that companies can take forward. 

Race Awareness

This module is designed to increase a deeper understanding of race and racism.

The sessions explore how racism manifests itself and the impact on those involved and wider society.

We explore how racism exists in modern day Britain and examine it within the context of an historic journey.

The aim is to focus on how we can move towards racial equality for all.

Cultural Awareness 

This module explores the traditions and values of the various communities that make up multi-cultural Britain.

The session explores the timelines involving when such groups as the Windrush Generation and South Asian communities came to the UK.

We explore how the traditions and cultures associated with such communities are now imbedded in western society.

Bias Awareness

This powerful and thought provoking module explores the notion of unconscious bias.

It examines how our biases are formed and then used in day to day lives.

The module is aimed at raising individual awareness of unconscious biases and what positive action can be taken to create a more inclusive culture and organisation.

Flexible Design Approach

With all our work we can deliver sessions in a wide range of different formats to suit your specific needs.

Our range of content can covering and delivered over a number of weeks and or condensed into shorter and more intense sessions. 

Please feel free get in touch to discuss your specific interests or needs.

Inclusive Recruitment Support

Recruiting from a diverse range of backgrounds has a proven number of business benefits.

Accessing and considering candidates from a wider talent pool can help strengthen an organisation by bringing new perspectives and skills.

A diverse workforce is strongly linked to higher levels of employee retention as employees feel more accepted and respected​. 

Through our extensive networks and by providing tailored training support No Boundaries helps and supports employers to engage with under-represented groups.

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