Education Services

School & Student Workshops

We deliver a wide range of anti-racism workshops and seminars and have worked with almost every level of the education sector including: Primary, secondary, special schools as well as dedicated pupil referral units.  We also support colleges and universities.  Our workshops are designed to be highly engaging and interactive. We tailor our design to meet a wide range of age groups, abilities and learning needs.

Impactful Assembly Interventions

We also enjoy great success in the delivery of short assembly talks with pupils These events often include personal testimonies of staff who share real life experiences of and pass on advice to pupils on how to deal with and report racism.

Leadership Development

Teaching Professionals, Administrators, Governors & Leadership Teams

We regularly deliver anti-racism training to all levels of the education profession and sector. We provide the necessary level of knowledge and understanding together the required level of skills and confidence to promote equality and tackle discrimination in their specific environments settings. 

Consultancy Advice & Support

No Boundaries also support educational bodies in reviewing their strategic equality plans and consultancy support on how to implement new procedures to help recognise and respond to any prejudiced-related incidents

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